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Oral Botanica Classic
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• Organic Almond Oil - Strong antioxidant, Cleans teeth, removes fresh stains.

• Organic Peppermint Oil - Antibacterial, Kills unwanted bacteria in the mouth, Freshens the breath.

• Organic Spearmint Oil - Antibacterial, Prevents tooth decay and keeps the mouth healthy.

• Organic Myrrh Oil - Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial, Relieves mouth ulcers, gingivitis and bad breath.

• Organic Clove Oil - Antiseptic, Soothes sensitive teeth and sore throats.

• Organic Tea Tree Oil - Antibacterial, Antifungal, Heals bleeding and receding gums.


*Allergy advice: Contains almond oil, peppermint oil and spearmint oil

- Taste : Strong minty flavour

- Can last up to 90 days (when used as toothpaste twice a day)


Packaging : glass bottle and packaged in paper box (recyclable and minimises plastic!)

  Love Mother Nature  Love Your Health  
  ✓ Vegan / Plant-based ✓ Healthier teeth  
  ✓ No chemicals ✓ Healthier gums  
  ✓ Organic    ✓ Breath freshener  
  ✓ Minimise plastic  ✓ Mouthwash  
    ✓ Organic  
    ✓ Vegan / Plant-based  
    ✓ Food grade ingredients  
    ✓ Antibacterial  
    ✓ Antifungal  
    ✓ Anti-inflammatory  
    ✓ No chemicals  
    ✓ No preservaties  
    ✓ No fluorides  
    ✓ No SLS  
    ✓ No artificial flavours / sweetener  
    ✓ No colourants  
    ✓ No triclosan  
    ✓ No parabens  
    ✓ No hydrated silica  
    ✓ No glycerin  
    ✓ Safe enough to swallow  

Oral Botanica organic liquid toothpaste is a gift from nature: the safest, yet most effective for sensitive teeth and gum disease.

It is also a 3 in 1 product!

  • organic liquid toothpaste
  • mouthwash
  • breath freshener


What are the benefits of using the Oral Botanica Liquid Toothpaste Classic and Kids?

  • Prevent your teeth from decay and cavities.
  • Restore your mouth microbiome.
  • Prevent gum disease and gum bleeding, or gum from receding or swollen.
  • Soothe mouth ulcers.
  • Relieve sensitive teeth and sensitive gums.
  • Eliminate bad breath.
  • A multi-functional product that can be used as toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener.
  • Natural products that use natural ingredients - it’s a small way to help our mother nature.
  • Safe enough to swallow.
  • One small bottle that can last up to three months, so you don’t need to buy multiple products on a monthly basis, thus reducing waste.
  • Oral Botanica can also act as your First Aid Kit by:
    1. easing sore throat and dry coughs by adding a few drops to warm water, then drinking or gargling.
    2. place a few drops on a wound to stop bleeding.
    3. ease headache by massaging gently into your temples (avoid the eyes).
    4. ease mosquito bites by dabbing a drop on the bite to reduce the itchiness.
    5. ease stomach ache by applying a few drops on your tummy, ease stuffy nose by rubbing a few drops on your chest to clear congestion.
    6. ease stiff neck by gently massaging a few drops into the neck area.
    7. ease mouth ulcers by putting a drop directly onto the sore spot.
  • As it is made from food-grade ingredients, it is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.


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